Music Careers in the Northwest

May 19th, 2010

If you are a musician then you are in luck.

More and more musicians are finding work while they try to live the dream. Why? Because the amount of people that desire to learn an instrument is growing a ton in the Northwest area. Whether you want to be a professional musician or just teach others how to play. Here are some great instruments you could earn a living with.
Piano: tons of people want to learn the piano. Instructors can get paid up to $60 an hour for private lessons. And if you do it right you can get referrals like crazy.
Guitar: this is another instrument that is in high demand. Whether it is the bass guitar or electric or acoustic. You could teach people and help them learn and earn a good amount at it.
Ukulele: believe it or not ukulele is increasing in popularity. The uke is quickly becoming one of the most desired instruments for new musicians. The uke is easy to learn and it is such a peaceful instrument.
Violin: The violin is another great instrument to teach if you know how to do it.
Drums: Same with the drums.
Multiple: Perhaps you play many instruments. You could offer to teach many instruments and open up more clients.

It is something to consider. I hope you do it.

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