Spokane Landscaping Located In Spokane WA Is Looking For Help

June 26th, 2013

With the hot summers in Spokane WA, our company ‘Spokane Landscaping’ is looking for highly motivated and hard working applicants. The job offers 40 hour work weeks working as a lawn care technician. Your job is to mow, edge, weed and cleanup every job site that we go to. Spokane Landscaping services residential as well as commercial customers. Therefore, you must be hard working and able to work odd hours. Since Spokane Landscaping services commercial clients, our hours might change during the week when we can get out to the clients location. We try to work with the commercial clients hours and also try to get in and out as quickly as possible, as to not interrupt their business.

Applicants must be able to:

  • Use a riding lawn mower
  • Use a gas powered weed whacker
  • Able to properly spread fertilizer
  • Able to properly spray areas for insects/spiders
  • Able to use equipment to trim trees, shrubs or other plants
  • Can work outdoors long hours and in all weather conditions

Since the summers are our busiest months we try to get to as many customers as possible. Normally our business dries up in the winter since no one need lawn care services when there is snow on the ground. We are however working on building up our winter jobs which include:

  • Shoveling driveways and walkways
  • Plowing private roads and large driveways
  • De-icing sidewalks, decks and other areas around both residential and commercial locations

Your job may not end in the summer depending on how many jobs we get in the winter. BUT plan on this being seasonal at the moment. As we build up our winter jobs and add on clients who use our services continually in the winter, we will need your help.

Spokane Landscaping has been in business for over 16 years. Started in 1997 by two friends who wanted to make a few bucks during the summers, the business has now grown to employ over 12 full time employees during the summer, including one full time office staff. We strive for excellence and will always make sure our clients are well taken care of. We strive to be the best landscaping company in Spokane and if this is something you want to be apart of, we encourage you to contact us here –

We look forward to your response and if you have any questions please do not hesitate on asking us.

What To Do If You Have Water Damage

August 22nd, 2012

Water damage can be a scary thing especially if you have never experienced it before. Living in states where it rains a great deal makes it a more common issue than in states where it rains much less. Whether you are a new home owner or a seasoned home owner, you can expect to have some type of water issue in the life of your home. Water mains break, toilets get clogged, gutters don’t get cleaned, fires happen and so will water damage.

Its important to stay calm and know that you can always repair damage caused by water. Obviously if the water has damaged pictures or material items that mean something, its harder to replace or repair those items. This is why you should never leave boxes in your crawl space, basement or attic. These three places are the most common places where water damage happens. A roof leaks, the first place the water will travel is through your attic. Your gutters get clogged or water builds up near your foundation, it will eventually work its way down into your basement or crawl space.

water damage seattle roofIf you notice water in places it should not be, contact your local water damage specialist immediately. They will know how to handle the situation and most likely will be able to fix the issues that are causing water to pool where it shouldn’t be. In states like Seattle Washington, where it rains more than many other major cities, water damage can happen more frequently. Not only does it rain a great deal, but wind storms and rain storms can really pound a roof. Eventually the water will find its way into the attic and then down into the home or even office building.

Our friends at Water Damage Seattle WA have experienced it all. Everything from rainstorms, 90 mph wind storms, broken pipes, clogged drains and even fires. After a house fire, if the house isn’t completely destroyed will have some form of water damage and that will depend on how much water was used to put out the fire. As you can see, no one is immune to this form of damage to their property. The only thing a person can do is hope that they are prepared when the water strikes.

If you live within the Seattle Metro area and need a water damage specialist, then get a hold of Water Damage Seattle located at 1200 Westlake Avenue N. Ste 1006 Seattle, WA 98109 or call them at (206) 745-4750 for help!

Music Careers in the Northwest

May 19th, 2010

If you are a musician then you are in luck.

More and more musicians are finding work while they try to live the dream. Why? Because the amount of people that desire to learn an instrument is growing a ton in the Northwest area. Whether you want to be a professional musician or just teach others how to play. Here are some great instruments you could earn a living with.
Piano: tons of people want to learn the piano. Instructors can get paid up to $60 an hour for private lessons. And if you do it right you can get referrals like crazy.
Guitar: this is another instrument that is in high demand. Whether it is the bass guitar or electric or acoustic. You could teach people and help them learn and earn a good amount at it.
Ukulele: believe it or not ukulele is increasing in popularity. The uke is quickly becoming one of the most desired instruments for new musicians. The uke is easy to learn and it is such a peaceful instrument.
Violin: The violin is another great instrument to teach if you know how to do it.
Drums: Same with the drums.
Multiple: Perhaps you play many instruments. You could offer to teach many instruments and open up more clients.

It is something to consider. I hope you do it.